Wednesday, 20 March 2019


= activating the imagination of the participants;
= encouraging verbal communication;
=  a conversation about stereotypes.
Materials - Prepare materials from newspapers and magazines (clippings) of photos depicting different faces or figures of people. It is advisable to select people from different ethnic backgrounds, different religions, different social groups.
Conduct the exercise
The leader divides the group into groups of 2-4 participants and provides each group with one photo.The groups have 3-5 minutes of work time.
The task is to look at the photo and answer the following questions:
= What is the person depicted in photography?
= What is his name?
= Where is he from?
= How old is it?
= Where does it work?
= Where does it live?
= What does this guy think about the picture here?
= What feelings he experiences?
= What do you think he needs?
= What life problems (difficulties) may exist?
Once the term expires, the host exchanges the pictures between the groups and places the same task.
= Have you experienced difficulty in coping with the task?
= What helped you most in preparing your assumptions?
= How do you think your assumptions to reality match?
= Why the assumptions of the groups were different?
Did there have been coincidences in the assumptions?
= Which were more - the coincidences or differences in assumptions?
= Does it often happen in life, to define (categorize) certain people only in appearance (race, gender, clothing)?
= What can help to refute such assumptions?

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